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Initiating and maintaining a treatment algorithm for any condition is the mail goal and we commit to exploring all viable alternatives. ┬áMany patients who see us in consultation for spine or brain surgery, are actually referred to our non-surgical colleagues, ranging from massage therapists, to various medical specialists. Our surgeons’ motto has always been to exhaust all measures before resorting to surgery. In the absence of progressive weakness, neurological findings and incapacitating pain, many patients can improve from non-surgical modalities and return to their previous level of function.

After our expert surgical team determines a patient has no progressive neurological deficit or any alarming neurological signs on their physical examination, our multidisciplinary team of specialists in pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry and soft tissue care practitioners employ a vigorous and comprehensive holistic approach for each patient.

This multidisciplinary referral team, consisting of pain management specialists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, Psychiatrists, Holistic practitioners, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Physical and Occupational therapists are all put into action with one common goal in mind: to return patients to their highest level of functional capability.

Even in cases where previous spine surgery has been performed, or future spine surgery may be necessary, this team of experts and intense patient participation and education is critical for obtaining the optimal outcomes.