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Matt A.

I’m only giving 5 stars because you don’t have the option of 10, or 100.
As far as I’m concerned, this guy is a genius. Back operations have notoriously iffy outcomes. I went to see Dr. Vokshoor at the recommendation of my GP. I was in nearly unbearable pain…9+ on the usual hospital scale. Generally, as an athlete, I have a higher pain tolerance than most, but this was nerve pain, and had gone on for 3 months. It was searing, jagged, and occupied my right leg from hip to big toe. Dr. Vokshoor was confident of a great outcome, and I’m delighted to say he was completely right (didn’t want to say “nailed it” in this context…) I am not only pain free, but back to exercising with no restrictions. I cannot recommend him highly enough. In addition, he’s a sweet, considerate man, whose surgical skill is matched by an ability to listen…maybe that’s even more important.