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Rebecca A.

Dr. Vokshoor really cares about his patients…

In mid-November, my left arm began to hurt. The pain soon became severe and was unbearable. During my first visit with Dr. Vokshoor, he told me that surgery was my only option based on my MRI, which showed a collapse of three of my cervical discs. Expecting that he would give me non-surgical options, I was devastated! He answered my questions without rushing me and made me feel more at ease.

Although I was extremely nervous about the surgery initially, after I awoke from the surgery, I noticed that the pain down my arm was gone. A couple of weeks later, I began my physical therapy regimen. I am looking forward to getting back to my workout routine.

I am grateful to Dr. Vokshoor for a successful surgery and can enjoy my daily activities now because I no longer have ongoing pain. I highly recommend Dr. Vokshoor.