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Concierge Membership

What do you get with concierge membership?

Connect with the NSG Doctors 24/7
Connect with us at your convenience via our secure HIPAA compliant messaging app. Call or text with Dr. Vokshoor or Dr. Ament directly to get your questions answered while bypassing the office. (Please note that, as is the nature of neurosurgery, the doctors may not be able to always answer immediately while they are operating or managing emergencies)

Priority in-office or virtual appointments
Concierge membership puts you at the top of the appointment list, usually guaranteeing an appointment within 1-week of your request.

Complimentary appointments with our Neurovella Brain Spa
The Neurovella Brain Spa offers innovative meditation treatments and therapies to alleviate symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other neurological conditions. Neurovella offers therapies such as virtual reality guided meditation, immersive meditation chair experiences, brain wave entrainment, and more!

Access to our new Ax-On supplements
Introducing the latest in nootropics – natural supplements that our neurosurgeons and experts have worked hard to develop and are believed to improve cognitive function, boost memory, and improve pre- and post-operative neuronal health/healing.

Is this covered by my insurance?
Your regular insurance will still be billed for office visits and telehealth calls the same way they would be with any doctor’s office. Your membership fee is for the concierge service that goes above and beyond the regular standard of care.
Please note that any deductibles and co-pays are still your responsibility.


$15,000 annual fee during any year that a surgery is required.

$5,000 annual fee during any non-surgical year, for all follow-up visits and care.

We don’t want financial hardship to be a limitation; please inquire with our practice manager regarding options.

For more questions, please reach out to our practice manager directly:

Alyssa Leon