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NSG Testimonials


…You were able to schedule surgery to take place just 10 days after my initial office visit, and I felt better immediately after surgery. I was back to work the following week. A month after surgery, my wife and I were on vacation on Madeira Island, hiking anywhere from 8 to 12 miles a day! It felt so great to feel great again! Today, I’ve started back at the gym, and I continue to feel great. Thank you for performing a miracle on me. I have my old life back.… Read more “JORDAN”


Dear Dr. Vokshoor, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have met you. For months I was practically unable to walk, crawled into hospital emergency rooms on four different occasions, and despite trying everything from acupuncture, chiropractic methods, massage therapies, numerous prescription pain medications, weekly pain shots and eventually three epidurals, I continued to live with chronic spinal pain. After having met you and feeling comfortable opting for disc surgery, I can only say that I wish I would have done it earlier, saving months of agony. I remember being wheeled into the surgery room and feeling extreme comfort in your hands. My instinct was correct. After a pain-free evening of rest, I walked out of the hospital the next day brand new. A month later, at the end of an hour-long yoga class, the lady beside me asked me, “Excuse me, but what kind of athlete are you? Your practice is incredible!” I laughed, and replied to her, “Wait until I tell my back surgeon who operated on my herniated discs a month ago!!!” On an even better note, exactly a year ago, three years after my surgery, I delivered a healthy baby boy completely naturally… Read more “KRISTINE SZABO”


When people think of back surgery they cannot help but also think of the imminent risk of serious side effects or even paralysis. Back surgery does not have to be a frightful journey toward the downward spiral of slow physical deterioration. Getting a correct and comprehensive diagnosis as well as finding a knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled surgeon, such as Dr. Amir Vokshoor, is the key to excellent results. My name is Valerie Crowley. I am 46 years old…chronologically; physically and psychologically I feel much younger. I say that with a smile! In fact, as I write this, I am reflecting on where I was six months ago when I could hardly move because of my back pain. And now, as I write this, I have to inhale deeply and fill my lungs with air in order to fight back the tears of joy that I feel to be free again. Free of pain! Free to do the things I love! I feel so blessed and thankful to have my life back again. Dr. Vokshoor, I cannot thank you enough. I have always and am still a very busy and active person. My early career began in the Army Special… Read more “VALERIE CROWLEY”


Dear Amir I wanted to write an old fashioned thank you as the circumstances we have journeyed through together deserves more than an email. I am so deeply grateful to be to be in your care, to receive your talent and skill, and intentions directed solely to help ease my pain and improve the quality of my life. You have proven to be man of great integrity and humility – a quality rarely found in your profession. And your warmth and kindness are inestimable. I’ve seen too many Neurologists and Neurosurgeons and know of what I speak. So thank you – for your utterly brilliant testimony yesterday, and for standing up for me and for the truth. I know the road ahead for me I not going to improve and become less challenging. But with your continuing guidance, it will be journey I feel I won’t be making alone . Affectionately… Read more “O.G.”


…there is an intangibility which is gifted to a few lucky individuals. It’s not measurable or quantifiable, or readily even definable… you have that. You engender a feeling of trust, a feeling of “We are in this… Read more “J.S.”

G. Mazza

He is exceptional! Dr. Ament explained everything to me before and after my surgery. He made me feel more comfortable with regard to the outcome and the healing process. Everyone at the hospital before and after my surgery were all very nice and comforting. I would recommend Dr. Ament absolutely! Thank you everyone in the office as… Read more “G. Mazza”

Rebecca A.

Dr. Vokshoor really cares about his patients… In mid-November, my left arm began to hurt. The pain soon became severe and was unbearable. During my first visit with Dr. Vokshoor, he told me that surgery was my only option based on my MRI, which showed a collapse of three of my cervical discs. Expecting that he would give me non-surgical options, I was devastated! He answered my questions without rushing me and made me feel more at ease. Although I was extremely nervous about the surgery initially, after I awoke from the surgery, I noticed that the pain down my arm was gone. A couple of weeks later, I began my physical therapy regimen. I am looking forward to getting back to my workout routine. I am grateful to Dr. Vokshoor for a successful surgery and can enjoy my daily activities now because I no longer have ongoing pain. I highly recommend Dr.… Read more “Rebecca A.”

Rob H

I was diagnosed with a severe cervical spinal stenosis that was causing progressive weakness in my arm. A close family friend who is an experienced doctor highly recommended that I go see Dr. Ament. Dr. Ament gave me a thorough examination and carefully reviewed all of my x-rays and imaging studies in great detail. He took the time to explain my condition to me in terms that I could understand. He was exceptionally knowledgeable and kind. I am very grateful to Dr. Ament for helping me to navigate through a really difficult problem. I was fortunate to get recommended to Dr. Ament, and I hope this review will help others get the same great care that I… Read more “Rob H”

Marilyn K.

This is the most caring and dedicated neurosurgeon I have ever known. Not only is he a excellent surgeon but the compassion he shows is a rare gift that you don’t find in many doctors. He listens and takes his time with you. I have been so blessed to have this wonderful doctor by my side through two back surgeries and even help me through neuropathy in my leg. May God always be by your side Dr Vokshoor. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. I can’t say enough about this man and his wonderful… Read more “Marilyn K.”

Jon V.

This guy was tops…. everything he said he could fix thru surgery he fixed in primo fashion. I mean, I was crawling 3 weeks before surgery and I was upright and strolling after the clean out he did on my L-4, L-5 disc. The office and staff were efficient and pleasant. I recommend Dr. Vokshoor… Read more “Jon V.”

Matt A.

I’m only giving 5 stars because you don’t have the option of 10, or 100. As far as I’m concerned, this guy is a genius. Back operations have notoriously iffy outcomes. I went to see Dr. Vokshoor at the recommendation of my GP. I was in nearly unbearable pain…9+ on the usual hospital scale. Generally, as an athlete, I have a higher pain tolerance than most, but this was nerve pain, and had gone on for 3 months. It was searing, jagged, and occupied my right leg from hip to big toe. Dr. Vokshoor was confident of a great outcome, and I’m delighted to say he was completely right (didn’t want to say “nailed it” in this context…) I am not only pain free, but back to exercising with no restrictions. I cannot recommend him highly enough. In addition, he’s a sweet, considerate man, whose surgical skill is matched by an ability to listen…maybe that’s even more… Read more “Matt A.”

Jen C.

Just the thought of seeing a Neurosurgeon is frightening. But Dr Ament took the time to explain in detail what he saw from my MRI and requested more tests. I left there feeling confident. His office is about 32 miles from me but is worth the… Read more “Jen C.”

Peter W.

Dr. Jared Ament helped me recover the movement in my left hand and arm. I am forever greatful for his services. The… Read more “Peter W.”

Cindy B.

Awesome surgeon that performed two micro discectomies on my back. Restored my ability to walk and play golf again. A really good guy… Read more “Cindy B.”